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INNOVATION TALENT - written by Marta Martínez Arellano

Most of our BIOCLUS regional documents have pointed out to two important issues regarding innovation challenges. First is the need of the transmission and implementation of the innovations in our societies, and second is the lack of motivated talent in innovation and entrepreneurship. Everett Rogers (1995), author of the theory “Diffusion Innovation” defines an innovation as "an idea, practice, or object that is perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption", and its diffusion depends on communication channels, and on the periods of time needed for the innovation to be adopted by members of a social system.

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INNOVATING THE WAY WE INNOVATE - written by Marta Martínez Arellano

It is not what you do, but what it gets done, is the cumulative impact of everything that you do what counts. In my opinion, in order to have a cumulative impact in the markets, you need a lever, a conveyor... Anything you could work with in order to transmit the power of your acts and findings to the rest of the people involved in the productive chain, in the society or consumer’s group you are in.

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LEARNING FROM OTHERS - written by Marta Martínez Arellano

Michigan and Styria were the two places chosen to benchmark other regions innovations systems in biomass field. Though it had been chosen due to their similarities either in population, dimensions or economic structures, both of them have proven to be quite a different learning process. First people were different, also the problems solved in each other were also distinct and undoubtedly shaped up to solve real problems in the regions where they have been developed. Once again we can feel that innovation and each development process is distinct depending on the starting point and the aware needs of the people inside the process.

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DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES - written by Marta Martínez Arellano

Lack of funding is one of the most pointed out weaknesses in the SWOT analysis performed at any sector, and at any industry right now. I have worked in some R+D projects stemming from SMEs, and in most of the cases the innovation has been done in response to a market or productive demand. Most of the time the SME fix the needs with some pro-bonus work, some imagination, three tea cups of inventiveness, and tons of illusion to achieve a particular goal: succeed somehow in the market.

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Life itself - written by Pekka Taskinen


Is the Innovation like a “life itself” – when an innovation is born?


During the last decade there are a huge number of articles and publications as well consultative efforts and methods, which are about the Innovation. National stake holders and politics talk about innovation networks or Innovation climate or even about Innovation systems!!! Being what? Also the definition of innovation gets more and more detailed definitions but same time also broader or different meanings. Some of these different definitions are found in Wikipedia – where the main categories of innovation are explained in short form ( You should read the article first. Also Urban dictionary has generated some views to innovation (find below and

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